Feldenkrais for musicians: A matter of making choices. Text explanation and demonstration of a class of Uri Vardi.

2 minute demonstration of a Feldenkrais ATM lesson from Andrew Dawson.

“sit better in five minutes” from David Sullivan

Frank Wildman: Change your age:

A wonderful demonstration of the ability is possible through a change in habits rejuvenation.

Feldenkrais for runners. Demonstration of a functional integration and what it means to your running technique.

Conscious movements by Buffy Owens. Feldenkrais moves me

TedX Toronto with Barbara Arronsmith:

“We can shape our brain” a conversation about the neuroplasticity of the brains: activity and awareness can change the structure and function of the brains. “You create your own solution by identifying the nature of your problem”

TedX Jaffa : Dorit Ahatonov about increasing our potential :

She offers ways to get rid of discomfort with less effort.
“She combines study of body movement with her own experience in scientific research”

Feldenkrais with baby :

Seeing the sensorimotor development of a baby during the first nine months.

Feldenkrais moves me. Statements of a cello teacher in conscious movements films.