Throughout the day you move without being aware of your movements. You focus on what to do and not on HOW to do it. The subject of the Method Feldenkrais is HOW we move. By moving attentively and very slowly, you are able to discover how to make a movement easier and more efficiently. A movement is not always the same, it is being rediscovered, changed and improved so that you can learn how to move and act in every situation according to your needs, your wishes or plans.

The Method Feldenkrais is a special method where you can re-educate your movements, empowering your strategies to organize your movement and making it better, to become aware of your good and bad habits, and you can cure pain and prevent injuries.

This awareness provides much better coordination and mobility and a intensity drop of muscles and joints. Your fitness and the quality of your breathing will improve, and there will be a positive influence on your self-image.