It’s your move

The Feldenkrais experience is different very session and always gratifying. I have been working with Nicoline van der Pas for the last year and after every session I walk out different posture from when I walked in. After a few lessons, she asked what I would recommend as a slogan for the Feldenkrais method, and I immediately thought: It’s your move! Nicoline is a dedicated, stimulating teacher who is certainly committed to channeling Moshe Feldenkrais and I have learned that it is about aligning one’s bones, not strengtening the muscles. Being in touch with the memory within one’s body. Integration with one’s limitations.

Joan Gannij | author, copywriter, teacher

What happened on Wednesday?

Hi Nicoline,

What happened on Wednesday, and started Tuesday evening.

Tuesday evening after the lesson I told my son: what a good feeling, it’s like (and maybe it is) my chest opened up. I was breathing deeper and more pleasantly. I slept better than ever. Wednesday morning at 6 I woke op to prepare my workshop.

Wednesday afternoon I held a workshop for motion professionals in government organisations in Den Haag. I gave this workshop twice before but this was the best afternoon ever. Afterwards in the train home I realised how calm I was breathing. Nice and deep. After my other workshops I felt exciting or just real tired depending on how the workshop went. During the workshop I already noticed that I was in contact with all participants, playful and not scared, professional and leading. The principal or switching contact with me and the group made me feel present during the afternoon without doing my best for it.

The most remarkable was that afterwards I didn’t thought of it being remarkable. I’m always careful with words, but I was clearly standing strong.

Maybe it’s obvious for you but not for me: is this natural force a connection with what we did in class last Tuesday? Is this what Feldenkrais can do?

Roel Kooister

Quality of Movements

We were curious from our ISA movement vision what the Feldenkrais methode had to offer us. Initially there were a lot of similarities and therefore we contacted Nicoline.

What we found interesting and pleasant of this methode of moving:
+ very enjoyable; we like your direct, relaxed and humorous approach Nicoline!
+ we share the passion of quality in moving
+ as approach we would have chosen too for less exercise, but with more specific movements 50/50 and you’ll train the whole body.
+ you have the participants experience themselves and name the movements
+ you work from a system but personalise this on the clients need
+ you analyse each movement very detailed, and see in every moment a motion but also in almost complete standstill
+ you advice individuals as well as groups

With so many similarities we, for sure, can start working together!

By moving less with better results; recognising the quality of movements and activating them is ISA. Feldenkrais is more becoming aware of how you move than to discover how to move more efficiently, and only than change the movement: doing less and better movement!

When we run into blokkades we’ll ask them to move with stronger chains to relax the problem areas. Sometimes we do massage them, or do we stretch but this can be much more precise and with this we make the experience stronger. The problem with feedback on any motion during exercise is that you don’t have time to think or consider the motion you’re in. With Feldenkrais we can bring more relaxation into the problem areas. We think that the combination of Feldenkrais and ISA in sports is a welcome addition of exercises and technique and can improve the quality of every chain of motion for every sport.

And Nicoline, we really enjoyed how you were able to touch us, by experiencing the body. Enjoying was to see how our muscles and joints started getting separated from each other and what this did with our well being. It was real special to see how certain back muscles activated the tear glances 🙂 To experience that we’ve been using a muscle that you don’t have to use was interesting and pleasant too. The letting go felt as a loss but as a pleasant loss: ‘son, let go cause you won’t need that any more…’ So beautiful, simple and pure.

Franklin van Doesburg & Jack Edelaar

Highly effective

Feldenkrais is a soft and respectful methode which turns out to be a pleasant and highly effective.

Every person while growing up, gets his own type of movement and habits and this isn’t always the most natural or efficient movement. Feldenkrais makes you aware of this, and in my case it helped me with my existing back and arm complaints and reduced it with about 90% in strength and frequentie.

The treatments and group lessons with Nicoline are educational and refreshing. She is understanding with the people she treats and knows what she is doing. Her background and experience as a Physiotherapist is a welcome addition, and her following up with many Feldenkrais techniques makes her a respected expert with knowledge of many techniques.

It is a methode you need to experience because the results are difficult to define. After a treatment or group lesson I feel like a different person; connected, as a whole and conscious of my body in a very pleasant way. Additionally my breathing is much deeper, which alone is well worth it.