From this age, there may be many changes in in body an mind. To be able to continue living a balanced live, you will have to devote attention to this. Good motivation alone to keep your stamina often is not enough. By using the Feldenkrais Method (FM) I can help you to maximize and enlarge your potential. The FM is an organic learning process (learning by doing)makes it so that you are never to old to start with it. I would love to support you in learning new movement patterns that will make you move in ways you didn’t think possible before.

I noticed that people over 50 consciously make choices based on their life experience of what they want and how they will lead their life. They often give priority to consciously live their lives, take a new path and they often are willing to permit themselves the luxury of learning to move much better.

Are you looking for a new step in your wellbeing, greater ease in your movements or a new challenge in your life? Individually, in a group or with a thematic workshop?

Please contact us and ask your question.


50 + ; “ joie de vivre!”