In an individual lesson, I will deal with your specific individual needs and questions. Lying or sitting in a comfortable sitting clothes, on a broad and soft table I will guide you through gentle and light touches, going back to motion patterns that you have lost or forgotten. I will also introduce new ways of moving that you haven’t experienced before.

Functional integration is not corrective, but works through the process of organic learning. The method is based on your own ability to look for the best possible moves that enable you to let go of habits that are causing inefficiency or complaints.

I will present all possible kinds of movements that wil adress your own regenerative capacity. This lesson takes about one hour. It leads you to move more easily and efficiently, and you will also feel that the different parts of your body are more connected with each other. Your self image and your awareness will improve.

My working place : Lijnbaansgracht 67 1015 GV Amsterdam