The Feldenkrais Method is for everyone, regardless of age, experience or condition. It is for those who want to improve on their functioning and are curious in the way they move. For anyone who wants to learn an easier way of walking, sitting, standing without putting too much effort on their back, neck, knees and shoulders. Also it is for those who want to get rid of repeated injuries and to prevent from having injuries again. In short, it is for anyone who is out for optimal performance and to increase the quality of movement and life.

We look together to the way we can meet your needs or how to find a solution to your wishes and complaints, if any. You will discover what change is needed to increase the condition of your well-being. A small adaptation can often lead to big changes. I will make you aware of your possibilities beyond present condition. I work with you to improve the quality of your life. If you trust the Proces that improves your movements, you will improve the easy and effectiveness of all your movements. There is also a big improvement of the flexibility of your brain and your self-image. You will take over the Direction of your life. In short: body and brain are connected and influence each other permanently. Become conscious means become supple in your body. Flexibility in your brain through different movements.

Here you will find the rates.

My Field: as Physical therapist:

– Health and wellbeing:

  • musculoskeletal complaints on all ages
  • aging 50+ is my specialty!
  • stress symptoms, burnout

Arts: musicians/dancers/artists who want to play more efficiently and/or continue to move without complaints.

Sport: prevention of injuries and improvement in runners, tennis players and swimmers.

Enterprises: individuals or groups with a wish/question about particular themes (for example: computer connection and neck-lower back-chair on the ground).

These programs may be given in the following forms:

individuals or groups with a wish/question about particular themes (for example: computer connection and neck low back chair on the ground).

If you have questions you can contact us here. I will answer your questions.