Incredible Moves! That is the point of this motion-specialized method that I discovered in 2007 and that changed me and my practice instantly. Incredible changes can be made through many ways. It surprised me on how the quality of life can be improved in many ways by moving initial which made me chose the name of my website.

I have 25 years experience as a physical/manual therapist with a private practice (see my LinkedIn page for a resume) yielded much knowledge of kinesiology of the body and the handling of complaints or dis confort of various kinds. A fascinating aspect, I found it motivating making people aware of the importance of properly dealing with complaints. My goal was even to make myself redundant as a therapist. This can be achieved if you managed to let the client take responsibility for his/her condition and function and they are open for improvement. For me, the Feldenkrais Method® is the best way for the client to learn this and to experience it without needing much effort.

The moment you move aware, you will learn about your own habits. For instance, you are moving too fast and too strong,you are holding your breath when you make an awkward movement. Becoming aware of this is the beginning of change.

“If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want” (M. Feldenkrais).

I decided in 2008 to do the four-year course. It became a whole new approach regarding the functions of a human being; body and mind.
This change in approach means that I no longer think in restrictions or complaints but rather in possibilities and desires! This is a method that makes the impossible possible and the possible easier for everyone. This method is so innovative in the improvement and quality of movement that it became my mission to help improve flexibility, vitality and so the quality of life of my clients through this method.

I am eager and curious on improving the connection of movement patterns and well-being in the broadest sense. From my background as a physiotherapist the skeleton is the first and main approach for improving functioning of the human body.

I like to help you find answers to questions about your wishes and increasing your possibilities in a group, during a workshop or individually in my practice, in your company or online. I can use my extensive experience in kinesiology correctly.


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