Incredible Moves: Feldenkrais
by Nicoline van der Pas

Doing less and moving easier… Who doesn’t want that? Less is More!

Moving consciously.
My vision is a world in which we bring together communication and movement.
From optimal awareness of yourself towards the better understanding of others.

By learning to reflect on how you move, you will experience:

  • greater awareness;

  • moving nice and light

  • dealing with physical discomfort

  • how old habits can be replaced by new and more efficient habits

  • how to move smoothly and more elegant.

This leads to a better self-image, self-confidence and believing in your own capabilities.

Individually or in a group we will show you how you would be able to move lighter and to coordinate your movements better. The result is not primarily the issue, but the path that leads you there.

I would like to guide you in the process that leads to awareness through movement.

Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) himself said: “What I am after is not flexible bodies but flexible brains.”
These kinetics promise a positive change in your total shape and well-being.

The great flexibility of the central nervous system, makes it possible to learn and to change. This change leads to greater ease in moving.

Does this arise your curiosity? Read more about the opportunities and lessons below.


Several times a year and on request I organize workshops in my practice or at your office, with a theme of your choice. Duration: 90 minutes to half a day is possible.


Every tuesday evening group lessons take place : 18.30-19.30 in english spoken at the Lijnbaansgracht 67 Amsterdam Jordaan.

Due to Covid 19 time all group lessons are Online through Zoom subscribing in advance to for the link

A single lesson is 15 euro including the audio of the lesson.

Group lessons are also possible at your request at your office with a theme of your choice.


In my practice at 67 Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam city center you are welcome for individual lessons. Together we search for a pattern of movements that suits you best and addresses complaints, if any.